OpenStreetMap in multi-modal trip planner study

OpenStreetMap contributor, Ed Hillsman, was the senior research associate on a multi-modal trip planner study. In it the authors implement a multi-modal trip planner using transit feeds, OpenStreetMap data and a variety of Open Source tools. Join me in reading this weighty tome. My quick first glance suggests that it will be well worth reading the full report (118 page PDF).

This is not the first time that OpenStreetMap is used as part of a multi-modal trip planner. One of my favourites is the trip planner in Staffanstorp, Sweden.

multi-modal trip planner in Lund and Staffanstorp, Sweden

The Swedish trip planner, developed by OpenStreetMap contributor Britta Duve-Hansen, shows alternate routes for cycling, walking, transit and car, and even estimates calories burned vs. carbon emitted for the different trips.

Development around transit in OpenStreetMap is moving faster and faster. Which are your favourite OSM transit / trip applications?

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