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Four Steps to an Awesome iPhone App with OpenStreetMap

There are only four steps to take to develop an awesome mobile application with OpenStreetMap. Understand what OpenStreetMap offers. OpenStreetMap offers geographic data under an open license. The OpenStreetMap crowd-sourced geo data is often better than commercial geo data in … Continue reading

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Add a Trail to OpenStreetMap

Let’s add a trail to OpenStreetMap. Multi-use trails add character to a neighbourhood and to a map. Here is a way to add your local trail to OpenStreetMap. This is a suitable first mapping project when you get a GPS … Continue reading

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Make your Garmin speak Ubuntu

Several Garmin GPS receivers work well with Ubuntu as a mass USB storage device. Navigating the menu to enable the mass USB device can be a bit of a headache. Here is an alternative that takes less fumbling with the … Continue reading

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OpenStreetMap Books: A comparative review

There are two English-language books about OpenStreetMap. Jonathan Bennett’s OpenStreetMap: Be your own Cartographer from Packt Publishing holds 226 pages of guidance for the someone interested in OpenStreetMap. What bad fortune for author, Jonathan Bennett that his book was released … Continue reading

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What happens when I contribute to OpenStreetMap?

When you contribute to OpenStreetMap you start beautiful, magical fireworks. Each contribution to OpenStreetMap begins as modest, unassuming data about something. Perhaps your edit is correcting the name of a local business. Or maybe you have added a new recreational … Continue reading

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